General Service and Pool Table Repairs

Pool Table Repairs
At Sir Billiards we offer and recommend an annual general service. This is an excellent way to keep your table in perfect condition and extended playing life.

Our pool table repairs service includes the following:

b_icon The checking of all frame bolts, cushion rail screws/bolts, pocket brass screws/bolts, and
b_icon tighten if required.
b_icon Brushing the cloth, replacing the spots, and remarking of the baulk line and “D” if required.
b_icon Checking the level of the table and adjusting if needed from the base of the table.
b_icon Ironing of the cloth.
b_icon Reporting of any problems to the customer.
b_icon Re-tipping of cues and fitting the rest ends to the handles.

We recommend commercial tables be serviced every six months.

Contact Us for Professional Pool Table Repairs

We offer several types of pool table repairs here at Sir Billiards:


If your table requires a change of cloth due to wear and tear we can help you with this. We will replace the cloth on the table bed and the cushion rails if you require with one of the four grades of cloth we have to offer. You may even want to change the colour of the cloth to match your new décor, and we have a good selection of colours for you to choose from.

We will remove the cushion rails and take them back to our workshop if you require them to be re-felted, we can also replace the rubbers then if needed.