Sir Billiards is licensed and insured and offers complete professional pool table and snooker table services including:

Pool Table Removals:

Don’t risk moving your pool/snooker table yourself and damaging the slate. Sir Billiards will perform a complete table inspection while dismantling your pool/snooker table, move it from one room to another or from one location/State to another, then reassemble and re-level it!

Pool Table Installation:

Have you purchased a Pool Table and need Pool Table Installation? Sir Billiards are the experts and Pool Table Installation. Whether you have purchased your pool table from Sir Billiards or elsewhere, we offer professional Pool Table Installation and competitive prices.

Pool/Snooker Table Assembly:

Sir Billiards will go to your home or business, assemble and level your new or used pool table, with precision, for optimum play.

Pool/Snooker Table Recovering:

Using various grades of cloth and in a variety of colors, Sir Billiards will remove the old felt, and professionally re-felt the rails and/or the playing surface of your pool/snooker table in your choice of cloth color. A complete table check and re-level is also performed.

Snooker Table & Pool Table Repairs:

Sir Billiards will service your pool/snooker table at your location. We offer a comprehensive restoration service to existing owners of tables and also happy to accommodate long term servicing contracts. Whatever your requirements are, you can be assured of the best possible workmanship.

Pocket Replacement:

Sir Billiards will repair or replace your old pockets with new ones, with standard or many custom styles to choose from.

Cushion (bumper) Replacement:

Sir Billiards will strip the old rubber from table rails and replace with new rubber and felt for better action and table play.

Pool Table Disassembly and/or Crating:

Sir Billiards will dismantle your pool/snooker table with expertise. Bumpers, side rails and slate are removed; felt is inspected and removed carefully for reuse. Parts are then bagged/wrapped, and pieces are marked for reassembly. If table needs to be shipped, Sir Billiards will build and pack slate into individual crates for safer transport. Once dissambled and transported, Sir Billiards can also arrange Pool Table Installation at the new location.

Releveling Table:

Sir Billiards will reset slate of pool tables that have shifted out of level.

Complete Cue Repair Service:

Have a cue with no tip or cracked ferrule? Don’t throw it away! Sir Billiards can replace cue tips, ferrules, re-wrap cues in either leather or Irish linen and clean and condition your pool cues professionally.

Billiard Ball Polishing Service:

Dirty balls not only look bad but also can wear out your table felt prematurely. Sir Billiards can bring your billiard balls back to life with our commercial ball washer/polisher.

If you have any questions or need additional info don’t hesitate to contact us.