Frequently Asked Questions about Buying a Pool Table

Here at Sir Billiards we receive a lot of questions. We will answer your questions about buying a pool table, general pool table related question and build a list of FAQs, even discuss your installation and pool table repair issues. Send an email or call us with your questions and we may post it here. Similar questions will be combined. We look forward to hearing from you!

Q. What is the best kind of pool table available?

When buying a pool table, you need to know they come in all styles, different sizes, finishes and more. However, when buying a pool table the key is in the foundation and that is slate. Slate is a natural material and wears well and is conducive to the art of billiards.

Q. What is the most popular color for the table cover?

There are a variety of colors available, see our Felt section, green is the most commonly selected felt color.

Q. I need to move my table. What do I do?

Do not treat your pool table as a heavy piece of furniture. Your table was professionally installed in a precise spot in your home. To move it, seek professional assistance, Sir Billiards offers an insured professional moving service. Call us for a free quote.

Attempts to move it yourself can harm the slate, aprons and rails, not to mention yourself and could void your warranties.

Q. How do I take care of the cloth on my table?

Vacuum or brush your cloth as needed. Brush dust from the head toward the foot end of the table. Always brush with straight strokes, not in a scrubbing or circular motion. Brush under the cushion overhang. Brush as often as necessary to maintain the table in good playing condition. Use a hand vacuum or the soft brush upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner to pick up the dust and dirt from table brushing. Under normal play and care, cloth can last years.

Q. Do I need a cover for my table?

Your table should be covered when not in use. This will keep the table dust-free, as well as protecting it from accidental damage, or possible damage from exposure to direct sunlight. We offer a variety of table covers in different colors and recommend them to everyone who is considering buying a pool table.


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